5 Spring Garden Center Tips For Your Home

With the otherwise dreary and cold winter coming to an end, there is no better way to mark the start of spring than by cultivating a bright garden center. In particular, outdoor garden centers can be as diverse and unique as a home’s interior décor, so depending on your creativity and investment; you can grow virtually anything ranging from flowers, and fruits, to herbs. Whatever your choice is, spring presents the appropriate moment for you to spark back some color and life to your garden center. But as all other season turns, there are always a few essential spring garden tasks you need to perform before you can realize your dream.  Below are five essential tips to help you get your spring garden center both green and beautiful at least before the season gets to its peak:


  1. Clean out your garden

It’s that time for you to clean your garden and get rid of all the debris (snow, leaves, leftovers, etc.). Remove the weed, while ensuring that you pluck them off by their roots to prevent them from growing back. It is also a good time for you to sharpen your gardening tools, where necessary since you will need them for the maintenance of your plants as well as soil care.

  1. Revitalize your soil

By now, your soil is likely packed and dried out after winter, and as such, it is time to add some moisture. Add some organic components such as manure or compost. You may need to do a test on the soil to identify which nutrients it requires so that you offer it the right mix. You may also have to add a bit of fertilizer to boost the soil’s health as well as increase your plants’ life.

  1. Trim the old plants

Plants that survived the winter season will need pruning so that they can grow anew during spring. However, be sure to wait at least until mid-April or early May lest there be an anticipated freeze. You should prune blooming plants right after blooming to avoid cutting future flowers while you should also prune summer plants early into the spring.

  1. Add Mulch Besides

Adding organic materials and fertilizers, you also need to consider adding mulch to your garden center or patio garden in case you have no space for an outdoor garden center.  A bit of mulch (1-3 inches) helps prevent disease attacks and weeds. Also, it maintains the moisture content and temperature in your garden center.  The general rule with mulch is to keep it several inches from the stems of your plants to avoid roots rotting.

  1. Plant some new shrubs and flowers

Once you have taken care of all the previous old plants and put your garden center back to shape, you can now focus on adding some new plants to it. Some of the best ones you can plant during the spring season include Snapdragons, Pansies, Redbuds, Lilacs, Tulips, Vegetables, as well as tomatoes (transplanted from indoors to outside). Luckily, you can plant these whether or not you have an outdoor garden. You can plant the flowers and shrubs in gardens on a patio or in apartments if you don’t have enough space for an outdoor garden center.  Always lean towards stocking your garden with more perennials as opposed to annuals since annuals need replacing each year. This would mean investing in plants that will wade off each year and mandate a replacement. On the other hand, perennials last for a couple of years (1-3 years) and generally survive winter frosts.  What about the rest of the spring?  As soon as your spring outdoor garden center is ready and set once more, it is then an appropriate time for you to look further ahead into the future and consequently make up your mind on what your next move for your garden center is. It will, of course, need some consistent care so that it remains beautiful and colorful throughout the entire season. And to help you out, here are several practical garden maintenance tips, to help you maintain its state for the whole of the season.

Tips for Mid-Spring:

  • Consider adding (new) flower beds
  • Plant a couple of hardy annuals
  • Mulch
  • Transplant seeds

Tips for Late Spring:

  • Prune all the flowering shrubs
  • Cutoff and take out bulbs.

Tools, Supplies, Plants, and Seeds

As you strive to revive your outdoor garden center, remember that we are your one-stop-shop for garden and lawn supplies. At Ace Hardware, we offer a wide array of garden equipment and tools, fertilizers, seeds, soil, and mulch. Be sure to check us out at https://www.acecoloradosprings.com/ for the right components and tools for your garden.  Spring is a distinct season of renewal and boundless energy, and as such, be sure to channel your springtime energy while it lasts to transform it into a green and beautiful garden center that you will delight in all year long.

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