Outdoor Trends In Gardening

Are you wondering where, to begin with, your next trip to the outdoor garden center because you are out of touch with the latest trends? Although there are many competing ideas making an appearance, there are clearly several outdoor garden trends gaining traction this year. Written below, ten tips about growing an outdoor garden for spring are detailed with a specific focus on 2018 trends.

Forget the flower beds

If you are planning on planting large flower beds, this year you can take a break. One of the newest trends for 2018 involves using several large containers to grow your flowers and vegetables. This is ideal for smaller spaces, and it is a creative way to use color with the containers as well as the plants. You can still use your flower bed space for this idea, but use containers instead of planting them in the ground.

Privacy hedges and privacy fences

For urban living spaces where outdoor quarters are close, the best way to block the neighbors is with creeping vines over fences. Not only does this block noise, it also gives a pleasant visual barrier between your guests and your neighbors’ children. The types of vines that work best in 2018 garden trends have bright colors, and some varieties will grow faster than others. One new idea to try is using different types of flowering vines that have pleasant perfumes.

Outdoor living room and kitchens

By far, one of the biggest ongoing trends that keep expanding is the outdoor home. Along with a fully functional outdoor kitchen, a dining table and adjacent areas for seating guests on an outdoor couch are becoming one of the top DIY garden renovations in 2018. The reason this has evolved from a picnic table next to the grill is due to the durability of newer plush outdoor furniture. Outdoor kitchens have also gained traction as safety features have increased.

Non-parallel schemes

One of the predominant landscaping themes ongoing for hundreds of years has been an outdoor garden where all plants are placed so they mirror each other. Instead of making sure each half of the yard matches the other, the new 2018 trend is to have an asymmetrical garden. This means the yard is still

artistically arranged, but the flow can center on the left or right instead of insisting the eye be drawn to the center.

Accent the garden with copper

For drastic changes that stay in step with modern trends, there are three new materials to consider including wood tile or limestone. Regardless, when it comes to using copper, do not limit yourself to decorative accessories. Instead, copper is finding incarnations as large-sized accent paneling in the background to offset gardens. It is also becoming popular as an outdoor alternative to stainless steel and looks fantastically unpolished when it develops a patina.

Pollinators and ecology

Focusing on the environment is a popular choice for many businesses and homeowners, but their selections at the outdoor garden center might need guidance. For example, having knowledge about which plants will thrive in the garden homeowners create will vary by region. The amount of shade provided will also need to be taken into consideration. Although it was less common a few years ago, the modern garden center trends will feature plants, shrubs and flowers that encourage pollinators. In addition, a popular ecological trend for gardening centers is to provide local varieties of plants.

Extreme floral ground covers

One way to gain instant curb appeal for a dark and dowdy yard is to get a vibrant ground cover from the local garden center. In 2018, one of the main trends involves avoiding traditional subtle ground covers like ivy and going for a full-color floral blast. One of the best choices for this effect are quick-growing shade lovers like phlox. Available in bright pinks, purples and white, the colors can compliment or contrast easily with the home and make it instantly memorable.

Thorn bush burglary deterrents

For some homeowners, the main idea behind going to a garden store is to find options to deter theft. In these situations, a popular trend in 2018 is to install thorn bushes beneath windows. In addition to shrub roses, other choices can include brightly-colored shrubs like purple berberis. However, one interesting choice is uncomfortable to the touch are wildly attractive prickly plants like the giant rhubarb.

Woodland plants for shady gardens

Another ecological approach to gardening is to stop fighting your shady yard with plants that do not traditionally grow in forested areas. The idea takes shape when paired with elevated walkway decking to create a path through artfully arranged woodland plants. Depending on the area you live, a local garden center will carry plants like this since these plants are part of a strong trend from previous years that has evolved in 2018.

Wood piles arranged in artistic designs

One easy way to dramatically transform a yard when your family does not have a green thumb is trending in 2018. Thankfully, even if you are terrible with plants, with one trip to the outdoor garden center, you can create an artistic wood pile. Although it may take some online research to find the best look, a family can accomplish the project within a day. One tip when you start the project is to pick a variety of sizes and colors of firewood from your local garden store. Another good idea is to stack logs uniformly, and use paint to create a pixelated image that emerges when viewed from a distance.

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