Space Heaters

Stay Warm With Space Heaters

If you are looking for reliable space heaters in Colorado Springs, stop by your local Ace Hardware store today. We offer a wide variety of heaters for every need, from homes and offices to workshops. Our models are smart, efficient and easy to use.

When it comes to space heaters, you need a model that is not only efficient, but also well worth the price. Space heaters can accommodate every lifestyle and heat spaces without removing or burning the oxygen in the air. Additional safety features prevent harmful chemicals or fumes like carbon monoxide from leaking into the air.

Electric space heaters often prove to be useful when existing heating systems are not enough to heat up certain spaces. Space heaters are perfect for those rooms or space that just aren’t getting the heat that they need. The models that we provide are efficient, cost effective and offer added safety features. We offer brands from Mr. Heater to Lasko and more.

Why Space Heaters?

Winters in Colorado Springs can be harsh and central heating units aren’t always the most cost effective and energy efficient solution to heat your home. Space heaters give you the advantage of heating a single space, such as a room or office cubicle. They are easy to use and require minimal maintenance. As the temperature drops, make sure to contact your local Ace Hardware in Colorado Springs to find the perfect space heater for you. Looking for a specific brand or model of space heater? Speak with one of our experienced heating experts and let us help you find the heater you’re looking for.

With 5 convenient locations, we are here to help answer any questions that you might have, get you the best space heater for your needs, and help prepare you for the Colorado Springs’ winter.

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