Refill Propane Tanks at Ace Colorado Springs

propane tank refillIf you are looking for an affordable and convenient place that will refill propane tanks, then look no further than your local Ace Hardware in Colorado Springs. We are honored to be the most reliable propane refill source in Colorado Springs.

Propane is a safe, clean-burning, and energy efficient gas when handled correctly. However, you should never take safety lightly when it comes to transporting your tank to us, or when it comes to storing it at your home. It is crucial that you keep your tank outdoors, away from heat, and away from pets and children. Never leave your tank on its side because your tank’s relief valve may open, consequently allowing flammable gas to escape. Do not transport your tank on its side or leave it in your vehicle. Motion, heat, and sunlight can increase pressure and create an explosive environment for your propane tank. Inspect your propane tank for leaks before use. Use a leak detecting solution, not matches or a lighter. The odor of rotten eggs in the air is a clear sign of a propane leak. When you come to our refill station, make sure to put out any open flames.

Please bring your propane tank directly into the refill station. If you are purchasing a new tank or using a new tank purchased elsewhere, know that we must adequately purge them before the first filling. Propane tanks older than twelve years must be requalified before we can refill them. Barbecue grill propane tanks must have an overfill prevention device, otherwise known as an OPD valve.

Our experienced propane filling experts will inspect all propane tanks for condition and certification date. Unfortunately, if a propane tank is damaged, bent, has a missing collar or foot ring, has excessive rust, is uncertified, or has been painted, it will not be refilled because these tanks violate national propane gas rules and policies.

If you are in need of a new propane tank, we can lead you in the right direction so that you can be on your way. Visit one of our 4 convenient locations in the Colorado Springs, CO area and get all of your propane tanks filled, or pick up a new tank today!