Are your knives no longer cutting the way they used to? Bring your blades to your local Colorado Springs Ace Hardware and let us handle your knife sharpening to get them back into cutting shape!

Sending your knives back to the factory for sharpening would be great if it didn’t leave you without your blades for weeks at a time. At home sharpening kits are a nice alternative, but often land well below the results of professional sharpening and can even damage your blade. And professional sharpeners often charge a large premium for their work.

Leave your knife sharpening to Ace Hardware. We can produce the same result as a professional sharpener without the charge. We’re close by, so like a home sharpener, it’s convenient for you wherever you are. And unlike the factories, you’ll get a great result and be able to use your favorite knife later that day. Bring your blades to Ace Hardware and we can even sharpen while you finish the rest of your shopping. Get the results you want and see them for yourself that very same day with Ace!

You’ll get the very best knife sharpening at Ace. We’ll make sure your convexed shears maintain a true convex edge, and that your inside ride line is maintained and optimized. Knife sharpening will provide you with an easy cut, almost as if the knife came right out of the box! No need for hard pushing through your meats or breads, damaging them. A sharp knife will take the chore out of your kitchen.

Have your knives lost their edge? Need your blades sharpened? Come to your neighborhood experts at Ace Hardware, and we’ll bring them to like new condition! And while you’re here, help give your kitchen the equipment it needs in our Housewares section!


Ace Hardware - Colorado Springs


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Ace Hardware - Colorado Springs
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