Infrared Heaters

Infrared Technology Allows For Thorough Heating

Looking for infrared heaters in Colorado Springs? With 4 convenient locations throughout the area, Ace can help you find the perfect infrared heater for your office or home. Let Ace Colorado Springs keep your warm during the harsh Colorado winters.

An infrared heater is designed to increase the ambient temperature of a room. Think of the heat of the sun’s rays. The transmitted heat is easily absorbed by the items in a space which in turn raises the temperature of the surroundings. Infrared heaters are designed to transfer heat in spaces evenly thanks to a hot coil. Protective metal sheaths prevent them from heating up too much and keeping your space at a comfortable temperature during the cold. A special design allows the product to heat objects or bodies directly, without getting to hot. Not only are infrared heaters perfect to warm any space, they also work to help prevent humidity.

Heat any part of your living space or office and save money on your heating bill. If used right, an infrared heating unit can reduce your heating expenses by 30 to 50%. The fact that they can be operated without burning any fuels makes them energy efficient and eco-friendly as well.

We have a wide range of makes and models for you to choose from. Not sure of the best heater for your space? Our experts can help you find the perfect infrared heater for whatever space you are trying to heat.

Spend the cold winter months in comfort with an infrared heater from your local Ace Colorado Springs store. With 4 convenient locations throughout the area, we can help keep your room warm, your heating bill low, and your guests comfortable. Stop by one of our locations today and speak with an expert to find the best fit for your needs!


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