The Big Green Egg Grill Series at Ace Colorado Springs

The Big Green Egg grill is a concoction of modern technology, ancient wisdom, and panacea processes resulting in a high-caliber product that is stronger, more reliable and supplies better heat insulation than any other grill on the market. It consists of a sealed firebox that uses efficient organic lump charcoal. Fresh air enters at the bottom of the airtight ceramic cooking chamber that was designed to retain heat and keep your food moist. A patented precision flow draft door controls the amount of air entering the firebox, and a patented, multi-variable dual-function metal top controls the air flowing through the cooking chamber.

The Big Green Egg Grill Is Perfection When It Comes To Grilling

Big Green Egg Grills are quick and easy to start. The design of this grill allows airflow to work as a fireplace. Never buy lighter fluid again by using an electric starter or natural charcoal starter. Grill, smoke, roast and bake at exact temperatures by adjusting the air flow controls. Most indoor ovens cannot match Green Egg grills’ precision temperature control and accuracy. The temperature gauge provides accuracy to 400º C/750ºF.

Big Green Egg grills are safer to use thanks to their ceramic surface which doesn’t get as hot as metal grills, and the heat source is shielded by a ceramic fire box inside the base. Best of all, they are easy to clean. These grills feature an elegant green exterior with an easy to clean Lifetime glaze. Inside of your grill, the residual heat will burn away any grease build-up – similar to a self-cleaning oven.

Big Green Egg grills have patented components and state-of-the-art ceramic technologies that provide thermal shock tolerance, improved insulation, and material strength. The high-quality ceramics used in each Green Egg grill will not crack or deteriorate over time. Purchase a grill that can be passed down to the next generation. The Big Green Egg comes with a limited lifetime warranty and is sure to bring satisfaction to every barbecue.

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