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Experience a new way to play with fire, a new way to feed the need for the taste we all crave. Discover the Traeger Grill from your local Ace Hardware in Colorado Springs, CO; the best all-in-one grill ever created. It won’t take long for you to feel the superior quality every time you grill, smoke, bake, roast, braise, and barbeque.

Traeger builds their plants near sawmills that provide them with hardwood and enables them to oversee production from mill to grill. Traeger is dedicated to manufacturing food-grade pellets to maintain the purity of their machinery. Traeger pellets contain two natural ingredients: soybean oil (used as a die lubricant) and a signature blend of hardwoods. When producing the premium hardwood pellets that take your meal to the next level, less is more. No fillers or binding agents, no additives, simply first-rate, unmatched flavor delivery.


Grill like a boss. If you can turn a knob, you have what it takes to master an entire meal over the same flame. Nothing beats hardwood for flavor. Easy-to-use hardwood pellets will feed your fire with ease. Get a consistent cook, coupled with incredible taste every time. Say goodbye to the artificial aftertaste of lighter fluid and propane. Traeger grills have automatic controls that allow you to skip the hard work and reap the rewards. Choose your pellets, fill the hopper, set the temperature, and drop the lid. Traeger grills will do the rest.

Not having to hover over a grill gives you the chance to do what needs to be done. Traeger grills deliver consistent smoke output that will transform you into a Pit Master. Hang lights for a feast under the stars, light your Tiki torches, and relax with your friends and family. Take a look at our selection of top-notch Traeger Grills and pellets and get ready to bring the heat.

Have questions on the features and benefits of Traeger grills? Speak with one of our knowledgeable associates at Ace Colorado Springs today to get the best grill for your needs.

Ace Hardware offers the best selection of Traeger Grills in Colorado Springs, CO. Pellet grills are like magic. They are a barbecue trick in and of themselves because they cook with real wood and create real smoke flavor. If you love the taste of great food cooked over a real fire, you’re going to love the versatility, convenience, and flavor that Traeger grills deliver. Traegers are the original wood pellet grills that started a revolution in outdoor cooking. They are as easy to use as an oven.

From auto-start to auto shut down, Traeger grills offer automation that takes the guesswork out of grilling. Pour 100 % natural hardwood pellets into the hopper, switch on your grill and turn the dial to the smoke setting, keeping the lid open. At the bottom of the hopper, there is an auger that slowly moves the pellets to the fire pod where they come in contact with the hot rod and ignite. Traeger grills possess a draft induction fan that then activates to circulate air through the holes in the fire pod and throughout the grill. You will have a fire started and be ready to cook in less than five minutes.

Traeger grills function as a wood-fired oven. The digital elite control allows you to set the temperature you want, and the grill does the rest. Coupled with convenience and consistency, Traeger grills deliver unmatched versatility. Grill, smoke, bake, braise, and barbeque with a temperature range of 150-450 degrees Fahrenheit. With this grill, you can cook an entire meal, from appetizers to desserts, all on the same flame. Whether you are grilling chicken, slow smoking a lamb, or baking apples, you can rest easy knowing a Traeger is keeping an eye on the fire. Stop cooking and start ‘Traegering.’ Traeger Grills are quick and easy to set up and work to perfection.

Ace Colorado Springs offers the best selection of Traeger grills in the Colorado Springs, CO area. Get everything from pellets to accessories at your local Ace Hardware.


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