Jill’s Story

In July of 2016, Jill McGuffin was diagnosed with acute kidney disease, and was told she needs a kidney transplant.  The doctors prefer a living donor because of Jill’s medical issues; so she has been on dialysis since December of 2016, three times a week, three hours each session.  Jill has been on the donor list for 5 years, and desperately needs a hero.  Last year as she was paying for gas at a convenience store, the lady behind the counter noticed the ports in her arm from her dialysis.  Jill explained what was going on with her health, and the lady behind the counter said she really wanted to help her.  She said, if she was a match, she would be honored to be her kidney donor.  It was a miracle!  She was a donor match.  Jill was scheduled to receive a new kidney from this lifesaving donor, but as the final tests were being conducted, the donor found out she was a carrier of Lupus, taking her out of the donor bank.  Jill was again without a life-saving kidney.

Jill has worked for Ace Hardware for many years, and Darek Barnes, the owner of Barnes Ace Hardware, has pledged to get Jill’s story out through the Ace network.  He says, “We have to find a kidney donor for Jill. Jill needs a new hero.”  If you or someone you know wants to donate one of their kidneys, please contact UCHealth at UCHealthLivingDonor.org at 720.848.0855 and let them know you would like to see if you could be a kidney donor for Jill McGuffin.

For more information please contact Jill McGuffin at 719-660-0677 or the owner of the local Ace Hardware stores, Darek Barnes at 719-337-3333.