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Electrical Supplies & Home Lighting at Ace Colorado Springs

Electrical Supplies Colorado Springs

Ace Colorado Springs has the electrical supplies you need when it comes to your at-home electrical project. Brighten up your home with light bulbs from Ace. Even if you have unique home lighting, we offer a great selection of light bulbs, including many hard to find types. At Ace Colorado Springs, we also have energy efficient light bulbs so you can conserve electricity in your home or business.

If you still have any incandescent light bulbs, you should look into coming in to get some LED or CFL lights instead, as incandescent bulbs are no longer produced or sold in the US. Besides just light bulbs, however, we do sell light fixtures, fans, and the sorts at Ace as well. You can completely re-do the electrical and lighting setup in your home with products from Ace.


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