Blue Buffalo Dog Food at Ace Colorado Springs

Blue Buffalo Dog Food

Everything at Blue Buffalo Company starts with the simple idea of “Love them like family, feed them like family.” This company treats their cats and dogs as family members and therefore, makes dog food natural, healthy, and tasty. When the beloved Bishop family dog, Blue, faced a variety of health complications, including cancer, Bill and his two sons decided to create a pet food that incorporated only the highest quality natural ingredients. Their goal was to help our cats and dogs live happy, healthy lives.

Blue’s struggle with cancer prompted the Bishop family to take a serious interest in a broad range of pet health issues, and inspired them to make a premium pet food using only the finest natural ingredients starting with lamb, fish or real chicken. Working with an animal nutritionist and a leading holistic veterinarian, the Bishop family created BLUE Life Protection Formula® for cats and dogs, which is today's #1 selling natural pet food in America. Designed for pet parents by pet parents, this pet food is ideal for your furry family member. Blue Buffalo dog food sets a new standard in healthy pet food, and they guarantee you’ll be completely satisfied.

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